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Links to sites and information sources that you may use regularly, but never bother to keep the web addresses for - timetables, traffic news, weather, councils, and so on.
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Weather News Weather - Weather services for gardeners, skiers, sailors, seamen, and anyone else who enjoys the joke called weather - local, British and world-wide services. The flood warning service is also here.
Check our own guide to the Local Rail Facilities on several West Midlands lines (more to come!), or click Road, Rail, Bus and London Transport for direct links to various other travel information services.
Areas, Maps
& Street Plans
Streetmap - For the whole of mainland Britain. You can search by town name, postcode, map co-ordinates, telephone code, and - if you're going there - London street name.
Upmystreet - House prices, schools, council performance, politics, crime levels
Expedia - North America, Mexico, Europe, World maps, and driving directions.
Yellow Pages
Telecomms Phonefax and Postcodes - Check the UK phone directory, trace a UK postcode, use a key to national and international area codes, and discover a way to get yourself a free fax number (even if you don't have a fax machine!).
Midlands Councils Local Authorities in and around the West Midlands - Web links to all councils traced, and (where found) addresses to the principal authorities. Note that in some cases, councils don't seem to want to say where they are!
Money Currency Converter - get an instant conversion from almost any currency to any other.
Web Services See what you get when Advertising on DudleyMall.
To get an independent web address, check Trainflow Web Hosting.
To get a web page designed for you, go to Trainflow Web Design.
& Meanings
Click Words, Phrases, Computerspeak and Style for a page of useful sources.

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