Dudley Motor Spares

Are you a motorist on a budget, just trying to keep the bills down?
    Or a little more intrepid, tackling all the tasks that will yield to a spanner or a screwdriver?
        Perhaps you just prefer to know you've checked the performance and safety of your car for yourself?
            Or maybe the weekend is a waste if you don't get covered in grease, oil and a huge smile of satisfaction!

Whichever you are, we've got the advice and the parts you'll need!

Autoglym polish     
If your aim is to keep your car looking good, we're an Autoglym Polishes 5 starStockist and we have the full range of their specialist car polishes, upholstery cleaners and other fine-finishes. You want wax? We've got shelves of it - plus compounds to make even tyres and bumpers look new again.

Of course, you can't fight age forever, but products like T-Cut can regain your paint's underlying brilliance. And if rust is a problem, we've got Isopon and other products to restore your pride to its former glory.
     Tcut and other cleaners

oils and lubricants     
If you're more concerned with economy and performance, we've got a range of engine oils, lubricants, transmission fluids, boosters and petrol additives, all aimed at making your car cheaper to run or more exciting to drive.

And if it really doesn't have that much poke, how about a set of snazzier wheel trims to make people think it has?

For those ready to tackle serious repairs, we have alternators, starter motors, distributors, water pumps, cylinder-head gaskets and clutches - in fact we specialise in clutches.
     Wipers, sprays and polishes

Be sure that when you work underneath your car, you do the job safely and support it on axle stands. Yes - we've got those as well!

But even if you're not keen to take your car to pieces, there are plenty of do-it-yourself replacements, repairs and servicing operations you can carry out with a few hand tools, a simple car manual and a little common sense.

To help you, we can supply bulbs for head-lights, tail-lights and indicators; coolant, spark plugs, leads, brake pads and brake fluids; fan and drive belts, and when the winter starts to bite - new batteries and anti-freeze.
     small tools

Oh, and did we mention numberplates for cars or bikes? We do those as well - from the standard type to the usual variations such as EU and on to the really fancy ones for football fans and other enthusiasms!

number plates
   clips and other bits

shop front
Dudley Motor Spares Ltd, 44A Stafford Street,
Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 2AB.
Tel/Fax: 01384 211119. Tel: 01384 341341.

Open 7 days a week:
Monday-Friday 9.00 to 6.00
Saturday 9.00 to 4.00
Sunday 10.30 to 2.00

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