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Right: simple but attractive - West Runton at evening, with its wealth of flowers.
West Runton
Wheels: SN.  If you're on wheels, see our Easy Access page for explanation.
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Sheringham plan
Sheringham station
Sheringham station is not what it was - indeed, what it was is just across the street, where the former station has become the headquarters of the North Norfolk preserved railway. The mainline station is now a single platform with a few seats on it, and a large modern bus shelter beyond the end where there is spacing for about 11 cars. The two railways are not connected though it apparently gets mooted from time to time. It would not be difficult in itself, but would perforce introduce a level crossing on Station Road and might also bring signalling complications. Wheels: SN.

West Runton plan WEST RUNTON is a single-track station approached by a sloping footpath. It features little in modern sophistication - just a noticeboard and a fairly standard modern bus shelter. Beside the shelter, however, is a truly glorious abundance of flowers, so West Runton obviously knows how to make itself look appealing to visitors. There is no apparent parking. See top of this page for a photo. Wheels: SN.

Cromer station
Cromer plan Cromer's original station building (once named Cromer Beach) is now a pub and the station dispenses with any need for accommodation other than a shelter and a small waiting room on the single two-faced platform. The back of the pub used to face the original platform, but this area has been reformed substantially, possibly as part of building the supermarket alongside. Since Cromer is a terminus, Sheringham and Norwich trains both leave in the same direction. Wheels: SN.
Photo: The evening train arrives at Cromer, early July 2006

Roughton Road plan ROUGHTON ROAD Not yet visited by us, so the plan and description have been developed from third party material, and may have some errors. Roughton Road station was new-built circa 1985 as a single platform station on a single-track section of the line to Cromer. It has a shelter with internal seating, but probably no seating on the platform. As it just pre-dated disability legislation, it is only usable by the able-bodied, having at least 20 rising steps from the road. It has no parking, but it's possible that the road gets used for this if traffic isn't too heavy. Wheels: SN

Gunton station Gunton plan
Gunton station is a short distance off the A149 (North Walsham Road), and the overbridge signals it effectively, though there is also a sign pointing to the turn off and up into the sloping free car park. At the top of the car park, a ramp gets you to the platform. The railway track has been singled, so you can gaze across it to the unserved splendour of the old Great Eastern canopied station building, which appears to be a full-scale preservation job but is apparently in private hands. Current passengers get a small, modern bus shelter with perch bar and surrounding flowers. Good of its kind, but not quite in the same class! Wheels: SN.

North Walsham NORTH WALSHAM station lies off the Norwich Road (B1150) not far west of its cross-road junction with the A149. The Sheringham side is approached by a rising ramp and has a shelter with 8 seats. The Norwich side has an approach road, also rising, with limited parking at the top. Its south end bay is now out of use, and all the original buildings have gone, but it has a ticket cabin (possibly commuter period only) a bus shelter with 8 seats as on the northbound side, but an additional smaller shelter and some platform seats. We'd welcome more detail as this was just a fleeting visit at night. We didn't see whether parking was free or time-limited and our wheelchair access grading is tentative. Wheels: SN.

WORSTEAD was once a thriving mediaeval town and the home of worsted cloth. Nowadays it's off the major roads (2 miles west of the A49) and the railway is the only main route passing through it. The station is signed and at a level crossing just to the west of the village. For modern users, it's now a single platform with good lighting and canopy shelter provided by the old Great Eastern Railway station building which still exists but is now in private use. The opposite platform remains but the second track has been lifted. For those interested, the old approach is unusual as it seems to have combined a raised station road with an end-loading bank for the adjacent bay. This may have been original or added (for example) during World War II. Comments welcome. Wheels: SN.
We had to visit Worstead in darkness, so the photo below - looking north towards Cromer - is (c) Owen Dunn [thank you]. You can find more of his pictures of the station here.
Worstead plan    Worstead station

Hoveton & Wroxham plan HOVETON & WROXHAM Hoveton and Wroxham are twin towns, sharing frontages on the river that divides them. The main road link is the A1151, and Station Road turns off it just north of the Bure river bridge. The station is at the junction of this road with Belaugh Road. It has a smallish sloping car park, but this may be shared with the restaurant that has taken over the station building on the Norwich side. There is a ramp to platform level. There are also steps down from the car park to the underpass to reach the Sheringham platform, but wheelchair users will have to go via the bottom of the car park. On the other side steps take you directly to platform level, or there is a zig-zaggy railed ramp that gets you there eventually, and also links to the Bure passenger carrying miniature railway. The Sheringham waiting room has also been leased to a private business, but the station buildings on both platforms still retain their canopies with seats below them, so both give somewhere to sit and shelter from rain. Wheels: SN.

Salhouse plan SALHOUSE Station sits in the country with a small population scattered along roads nearby. But with 40-50 free parking spaces, it may have a lively existence as a commuter station for Norwich. The station facilities themselves are rather limited, however. The old waiting room still exists on the Norwich platform, but it's locked and its canopy shades only 4 seats. The Sheringham platform offers a bus shelter with a perch bar for 6. A gated footboard links the platforms. Wheels: SN.

Norwich plan NORWICH is a grand, traditional station from outside - and looks a lot fresher than some of its soot-darkened contemporaries in industrial cities. Better still, the main concourse has had a modern facelift that has created an extremely pleasant environment, with open seating areas, a cafe, food stalls, books and newspapers, cash dispensers and telephones arranged as a central island, and plenty of flowers in planters and hanging baskets. There is also a waiting room by the entrance to platform 1. All this is under a light overall roof, and there are canopies along the platforms as well. Because it's a terminus, all trains terminate or reverse direction here. The station is well signed to its east-of-city-centre location, with pay-and-display parking in front and 20 minute pick-up parking round the right side. Access is level at the Thorpe Road entrance, but Station Approach is an incline. Wheels: SN.

Norwich platform      Norwich also serves:
the Norwich to Cambridge route
the Norwich to Great Yarmouth route
the Norwich to Lowestoft route
and Ipswich to Norwich & Cambridge
   Norwich frontage

Please note: the notes and sketches are intended only to give a general impression, and should not be relied upon for more than that. Dudley Mall accepts no liability for errors, but will correct any significant ones notified to us through or by post to Dudley Mall, 62 Gervase Drive, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 4AT.

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