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Wheels: BL. If you're on
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Shenstone is one of the small group of stations on this route that kept their old buildings - and is by far the most attractive. It may be draughty when the waiting room is locked, but that big old canopy keeps the rain off. Shenstone station
Please note: the notes and sketches are intended only to give a general impression, and should not be relied upon for more than that. Dudley Mall accepts no liability for errors, but will correct any significant ones notified to us through or by post to Dudley Mall, 62 Gervase Drive, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 4AT.

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New Street plan BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET has a full description page to itself here. When you've viewed it, click the Back button that you'll find at top or bottom of the page to return here. For simple convenience, however, this is our main plan. We've labelled the east and west ends, but trains can go in almost any direction from either end - and when under pressure, they do!

Note that the station's track layout has been simplified in this diagram, but all platform tracks are shown.

Wheels: BL.

Note that this route continues south from Birmingham as the Birmingham - Redditch service, the combined services forming the cross-city route.
Duddeston Plan DUDDESTON station is on Duddeston Mill Road, a few yards east of the B4132. The ticket office is on an overbridge across the track and its foyer includes a small waiting area with seats. One platform island is out of use, so the other now serves trains in both directions. It is reached only through the ticket foyer, either by stairs or lift, but looks reasonably accessible for wheelchairs. No station parking is provided but you might be lucky enough to get street parking. Wheels: BL.
Aston station Aston Plan
Aston station abuts the bright red bridge over Lichfield Road (A5127) by the junction with Holborn Hill (B4132). Bus stops are a few yards either side of the bridge and the station approaches are right beside the bridge. Unusually for a small station, it has train times displayed on monitors at the foot of each approach; these show trains from their own platform, but also cycle through general information. There are stairs and a lift to each platform. The ticket office is on the out-bound platform with enclosed and open waiting areas alongside. The city-bound platform has an open fronted waiting area. There is no station parking, and street parking is probably difficult too. Wheels: BL.
Gravelly Hill Plan GRAVELLY HILL is set in a cutting close to Hunton Hill, which crosses it and offers ramps to both platforms. On the Birmingham side, the ramp goes first to the ticket office (well above platform height), which is also reached by a short staircase from Frederick Road. Unfortunately the passenger bridge over the track is a few steps higher, forcing wheelchairs back to the road bridge for the out-bound platform. The platforms have primitive half-shelters, and parking depends on availability in the residential streets nearby. Wheels: BL.
Erdington Plan ERDINGTON bridges Station Road just east of its junction with Gravelly Lane (B4142). A ramp takes you up from street-level to the outbound platform just beyond a large bus shelter not unlike a greenhouse. The whole platform has about 3 seats - none of them in the greenhouse. The ramp up to the city-bound side is steepish and railed on one side. It reaches the platform close to the ticket office, which has a few seats inside and more outside under cover and in the open. Towards the far end of the platform is another greenhouse - this one with bench seating included. There is no official railway parking. Wheels: BL.
Chester Road Plan CHESTER ROAD takes its name from the road it crosses over (the A452). The out-bound platform has a ramp approach (single-railed on one side) from Chester Rd. (a shopping street) and also from local housing. The two peak at the platform entrance - a gap in a platform canopy made of the kind of corrugated metal used for modern factories. While this isn't as pretty as some, it does a decent job of rain protection. The ticket office is on the city-bound platform reachable by steps or ramp (double-railed on both sides) from Green Lanes. Green Lanes is also where you'll find parking if you need it. The ticket office includes a few seats and is at one end of a longer canopy than that on the outbound side (indicating that most passengers waiting for trains are en route to Birmingham). Wheels: BL.
Wylde Green Plan WYLDE GREEN is not unlike Chester Road, but in a residential area with a smaller car park. The ticket office is on the city-bound side, but at street level. Steps are just beyond it, passing over the top of the double-railed ramp also provided. At platform level is a large canopy similar to that at Chester Road, with a bus shelter further down the platform (perhaps surviving from more spartan times). There are several seats on the platform. The out-bound platform is accessed by ramp (with a small stepped shortcut) into a similar canopied section with about 3 seats. The upper part of the ramp is double-railed on one side; the lower part is not railed at all, and might prove a struggle with a wheelchair. A helpful touch on the ticket office is a local street map showing bus stops, particularly route 606. While this doesn't pass the station itself, it is a "hail and ride" service allowing you to catch it (and presumably leave it) at the nearest point. Turn right into Station Road and look for its junction with Western Road, which the 606 uses. Wheels: BL.
Sutton Coldfield Plan SUTTON COLDFIELD station entrance is near the top of Railway Rd., with a small drop-off parking area in front of it. Further down the road is the main parking, which is fee-paid unless you have a Centro pass, and street parking is tightly controlled. The Lichfield platform is accessible by foot or wheels from this parking area or down a ramp from the ticket office. It sports one bus shelter for protection. A passenger overbridge gets you from the ticket office to the Birmingham platform, but the way down is a staircase. Almost at the bottom of the flight is a landing that takes you out to Station St., and there is disabled parking for three vehicles. However, the staircase hasn't ended, and if you come into the station this way you have another 6 steps down to platform level. This side has a platform canopy, a waiting room (closed for renovation when we visited) and a fairly tiny newsagents-cum-microwave snackbar. Wheels: BL.
Four Oaks Plan FOUR OAKS station lies down off the east side of Lichfield Rd (A5127), with a large (but well-filled) park and ride area alongside the Lichfield platform. There is easy access to this platform, but it only has a bus shelter. The ticket office is on the other platform - over the passenger bridge, in a wooden building with a wide overhanging canopy and a few seats. Easy access to this platform comes from a ramp running tight alongside the overbridge at the north end of the station. Given the distance, this may well involve dropping a passenger off at this point prior to parking your car. Note that this station has three platform faces in use. Wheels: BL.
BUTLERS LANE station runs under the lane it is named for. The Birmingham side has steps and a narrow ramp down from the road and the steepness of the ramp has forced it to be stepped at intervals. This is a relatively minor consideration for prams, but even with the rails provided, the ramp would require some effort from a wheelchair user going up them (see our front page Access note for a photo, then click the back button to return here). The Lichfield side was similar but has now been given a much better ramp.

The ticket office is on the Birmingham platform, with a couple of seats inside and more under partial cover, and both platforms have large bus shelters. There is a parking area for bikes, but local residential streets offer the only car parking. Wheels: BL. (rev 2008)
Butlers Lane Station
Butlers Lane Plan
Blake Street Plan BLAKE STREET is just to the south of Blake Street itself (the A4026). It stands high on a rather bleak embankment (we visited in the rain!), with the ticket office and foyer at the foot of it on the Birmingham side, along with the main car park reached from Shelley Drive. There is a smaller car park in Station Approach on the Lichfield side. An underpass by the ticket office links the two platforms, and sheltered stairs get you up to them, with the alternative of a smooth double-railed ramp on each side.The Birmingham platform has a small waiting room; the other side makes do with a bus shelter. Wheels: BL.
Shenstone Plan SHENSTONE is to the north-west of the village and is the last station before Lichfield. Unusually in rural stations, Shenstone retains a large well-built original station building on the Birmingham side (minus its roadside canopy). The other platform is less fortunate with two bus shelters in very poor condition when visited. The road overbridge (the road west to Stonnall) provides access between platforms with a long stairway down to the Lichfield side, and a shorter one to the Birmingham side. Pram/wheelchair access is easy from the forecourt (which provides park and ride spaces), but the Lichfield platform has no alternative to its long stairs. Wheels: BL. (rev 2007)
Lichfield City Plan LICHFIELD CITY Lichfield is the sort of place where you have to take hostages to get a free parking space, so you may as well use the station's pay-and-display parking. The initial entrance is directly in front of the station, and if you have anyone with limited mobility, drop them first. Then take the narrow road up past the taxis on the left and you'll find parking at track level on the right. The station building includes a ticket office and seats, with a tunnel through to steps and a lift to the island platform. There is a traditional wooden building looking ratty and uncared for, and the waiting room was temporarily closed when we visited. However, part of the platform is canopied so there is some weather protection. Note that trains going on to Lichfield Trent Valley arrive at the northbound platform, but all others (including northbound trains that terminate here) arrive on the southbound side. Wheels: BL.
Lichfield Trent Valley Plan LICHFIELD TRENT VALLEY The access road is a spur off the A38 on the north-east side of the city. The main station serves the Trent Valley line, with the Burton-on-Trent line running on a viaduct across one end. The ticket office is on the Trent Valley platform beside the pay-and-display parking area (totally full when we visited) with two disabled spaces adjacent to it. The Burton platform runs across the viaduct itself, reached by steps (but not lift or ramp) from each of the lower platforms, with the upper platform also serving as the passenger bridge to the far side. The Burton platform itself serves trains in both directions (the thin platform being for railway use). The ticket office includes seating and there are shelters on the other platforms. Wheels: Trent Valley northbound otherwise no easy access.

Lichfield Trent Valley is part of the Stafford-Rugby line. Click here to transfer to our guide for that line.
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