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Please note: the notes and sketches are intended only to give a general impression, and should not be relied upon for more than that.

Dudley Mall accepts no liability for errors, but will correct any significant ones notified to us through or by post to Dudley Mall, 62 Gervase Drive, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 4AT.

Wheels: BW. If you're on wheels, see our Easy Access page for explanation.

Old and new at Hagley station

Above: Minus a few teeth from its valancing (since replaced), but the old Great Western passenger bridge at Hagley still makes an attractive frame for the modern diesel service.
A full list of routes covered by Dudley Mall appears at the bottom of this page.
Snow Hill Plan BIRMINGHAM SNOW HILL is at street level on Colmore Row, with the entrance set well back under a green canopy. There is signing to a car park. Just inside the entrance is the access to the Metro terminus (stairs and lift, to the right) while the main station lies a further distance ahead, where there are toilets and a shop. Lifts and stairs go down to the three platform faces, and there are escalators up. The fourth platform face is the Metro approach track and is fenced off for safety, but there is a public flat crossing between the two stations. Trains are announced by overhead computer monitors which work well enough but seem to show engineering messages too frequently for passengers who might be trying urgently to locate the correct platform for their train - and even which train is currently expected. Trains east go immediately into tunnels and emerge at Moor Street Station. Wheels: BW.

Note that some trains continue on through Snow Hill along the Birmingham - Stratford-Upon-Avon
      or the Birmingham - Leamington Spa routes.

Jewellery Quarter Plan JEWELLERY QUARTER station lies in a cutting with the Metro (tramway) side-by-side with the railway. The ticket office is at street level and the foyer displays an attractive 3-D illustration of the nearby streets. A covered bridge leads to steps and lifts down to the railway platforms. The platform 2 lift can be used to reach the nearer Metro platform, and there is a flat crossing from there to the far Metro platform (platform 4). There are no park-and-ride facilities, and street parking is pay-and-display. Wheels: BW.

Metro at The Hawthorns station The Hawthorns Plan THE HAWTHORNS station lies in a cutting with the ticket office high on one side, and a public path on the other. A covered bridge between the two has lifts down to the two railway platforms. The adjacent Metro has no lifts, but the nearer Metro platform can be reached by one of the railway lifts, and there is a flat crossing from there to the far Metro platform. Park-and-ride facilities are close to the ticket office, entered from Halford's Lane. Wheels: BW.
Left: one of the Metro trams pauses at The Hawthorns joint railway and Metro station.

Smethwick Galton Bridge plan SMETHWICK GALTON BRIDGE is on three levels. The ticket office is at road level; the Kidderminster - Birmingham Snow Hill platforms are one level down; and the Wolverhampton - Birmingham New Street platforms lie crosswise underneath the Worcester line. All platforms are accessible by lift, but two different lifts are needed to get to platform 4 (trains from Wolverhampton towards Birmingham). Smethwick Galton Bridge station The lifts are in modern brick towers built at the four corners of the bridge straddling the lower line, so there is a few yards walk between them. There is no station parking, but you may find local street parking. Wheels: BW.

Left: a view from the Birmingham New Street end shows the Kidderminster platforms passing crosswise over those for the Wolverhampton line at Galton Bridge. The two brick towers are the lifts between levels.
Smethwick Galton Bridge also serves the Birmingham-Wolverhampton line.

Langley Green Plan

Langley Green has an appealing station building (with ticket office) for what is just a small modern box, though its automatic doors may be a bit
Langley Green station looking south west
too draughtily eager to open on cold days when people pass by on the platform. A small parking area is adjacent to the station building with level access, but the opposite platform is a long walk from the level crossing if you can't use the overbridge. Note that the passenger overbridge has been replaced and is no longer linked to the road bridge over the defunct branch line. Wheels: BW. (rev. 2009)

Rowley Regis Station Rowley Regis Plan
Rowley Regis station is a few minutes walk from Blackheath town centre (off the plan to top left), and there is free parking for 100+ cars by the station. Stepless access to the ticket office (up on the bridge) is on the same end as the car park. There is also a shortcut gate to the curving ramp down to the Birmingham platform, but it was locked when we were there, so you have to go up to the station level first. There is a straight ramp down to the southbound platform with no significant obstructions, and while any former platform buildings have gone there are canopies on both platforms and bench seats beneath them. Wheels: BW. (rev. 2007)

Old Hill Plan OLD HILL station has a passenger overbridge and a park-and-ride car park, but the only access is a climb of 20-odd steps and no alternative. In fairness, it would be expensive to put things right on this site, so if you do have a pram or mobility problems, head elsewhere if you can. Wheels: BW. (rev. 2007)
Cradley scene Cradley Heath Plan The Station is 5 minutes walk down Lower High Street from the town's shopping area. It has a busy level crossing at one end with no underpass, which can be a nuisance if you arrive late, and may hamper disabled access if you're on the wrong side of it. But this is the only flaw in a station that otherwise does its best to be pram and wheelchair-friendly. There is a passenger overbridge between the two platforms, the bus station is right outside the ticket office in Forge Lane, and next to that is a park-and-ride car park. Wheels: BW.

Above: A train heads north out of Cradley Heath, across the level crossing that can prevent disabled users getting to their train in time.

Lye Plan
Lye station is directly adjacent to the main Dudley Road, just down from the main crossroads at Lye, but keep your eyes peeled as the turn is not too obvious if you're coming up the hill. Both platforms are accessible from the road overbridge, the Birmingham one by a ramp, the other by the station approach, which includes limited parking.

Lye Station from the north end
The ticket office is at the bottom of the approach, beside the passenger overbridge. Northbound passengers who cannot manage the passenger bridge will need to use the road bridge to reach the other side. Wheels: BW. (rev. 2008)

Lye from the footbridge. The sun-shadowed ticket office has the approach road and parking behind it, and the electronic train information screen is further along the platform. The road bridge, ramp and north-side shelter can also be seen.

STOURBRIDGE JUNCTION Stourbridge Junction Station
Stourbridge Junction is an old station under modern, widely enveloping canopies. So on a rainy Sunday when the waiting rooms are locked, the outside seats will still be dry and you'll be able to read the electronic train information in comfort. The ticket office is at the opposite side of the station from the large parking area provided, but connected across by the original underpass and steps to the platforms. The underpass even includes a list of local bus services and the nearest bus stops you can catch them at.
Overall this is an easy-access station with ramps to bypass steps, and lifts down to the underpass if you need them. Note that platform 1 serves the Stourbridge Town branch (see below). Wheels: BW. (rev. 2008)

The photo is from the Birmingham end of the station and shows the handsome degree of shelter. Beyond is the large car park - it was full when we called.
Stourbridge Junction Plan
   Stourbridge Town Branch Line

STOURBRIDGE TOWN is just the terminus for a single line shuttle to mainline services at Stourbridge Junction. It's a very small station, but it has flat access directly from the adjacent bus station, and is just across the ring road from the south end of the High Street shopping area. The one-way street system has time-limited parking nearby - but don't be gone long. Wheels: BW. (rev. 2008)

The station lies in a walled cutting, with a platform not much longer than the single unit railcar just leaving on its 2-3 minute shuttle trip to Stourbridge Junction. The modern station building includes a ticket office, and the bus station is just beyond it. Stourbridge Town Plan
Stourbridge Town Station

Hagley scene Hagley Plan HAGLEY station's southbound side is still very much the sturdy Great Western Railway station it was back in 1947, complete with a ticket office. A traditional GWR canopied passenger overbridge links to the northbound platform, but we saw no access for wheeled users. Still, we're pleased to see that its old shelter has been replaced by a modern open-fronted one since our last visit. There is parking in the station forecourt, and pedestrian travellers have a staircase down from the road overbridge on this side only. We didn't notice any signing from the main road, but the road name is a clue. Wheels: BW. (rev. 2008)

Blakedown station Blakedown Plan
Blakedown is a simple station: two platforms with a fairly protective shelter on each. It butts up to a level crossing with short ramps on each side for easy access, and both shelters handily close. It lies on Station Drive, a signed turning off the A456 just inside Blakedown's northern boundary, with parking space for about six cars. Wheels: BW. (rev. 2008)

Kidderminster Station Kidderminster Plan
Kidderminster station has platforms either side of the two tracks, and uses the road overbridge (Comberton Road, A448) and then a ramp down to the far platform. This (southbound) ramp is long and steepish but has a handrail and no serious obstructions. The northbound side can also be accessed by a steep ramp, but this ends in two deep steps. The alternative is the road access to the station building. The road is cobbled, but the pavement is flat, and you could get to the platform on the level, too. But both approaches to the ticket office have a step that will impede wheelchair users. The ticket area includes a small sweet shop. However we did note construction taking place at the south end of the station in mid 2008 for what looks like a passenger lift between the platforms. Parking is substantial (pay and display), and the old station for the preserved Severn Valley Railway is immediately adjacent and shares the station approach. (Try them for a civilised tea & cake or light meal.) Wheels: BW. (rev. 2008)

The photo shows the Birmingham platform with all its facilities in shot apart from the electronic train information. Parking is just outside the fence. A ramp linking the southbound platform to the road bridge is just out of picture.

HARTLEBURY is just a short distance from the village centre, up Station Road. Road and rail meet at a level crossing, with the station on the right hand side. The Birmingham platform has a smooth approach from a free parking area for about 15-20 cars, though the land itself is on a slope. The other platform has a short ramp to the road by the level crossing. There is no overbridge. Both platforms have large bus shelters with perch-bar seating. The original station building is still present, but now belongs to a commercial company. Wheels: BW. (rev. 2008)
Hartlebury Plan              Hartlebury Station

Droitwich station DROITWICH SPA station lies off the A38 at Union Lane. From there, there is a small amount of parking, plus Monday to Friday daytime (7.00am-7.00pm) use of the Salvation Army's adjacent car park. The access road then drops down to the ticket office, and the bottom end of the road is double-yellow-lined to protect dropping-off and turning room. The ticket office includes seating space, and further along the building is a small window selling sweets, etc. A bus shelter provides refuge and a few seats when the station building is closed.

Droitwich Plan The Worcester side of the station is separately reached from the adjacent Acre Lane which crosses the line to a tee-junction, with the left stub going down alongside the station, giving parking on both sides of the road. This side provides two more modern bus shelters, and there is a passenger overbridge from the Birmingham side. Both platforms are accessible by wheelchairs and prams, although the low kerb outside the Worcester platform is liable to be blocked by parked cars. Wheels: BW. (rev. 2007)
Northbound trains may also reach Birmingham via Aston Fields (Bromsgrove), Barnt Green and Birmingham New Street (on the Birmingham - Redditch & Worcester line). Click here to follow that route.

Worcester Foregate station WORCESTER FOREGATE STREET The railway strides across the northern end of the town centre on a GWR crested viaduct over Foregate Street. The station entrance is at ground level, and there is also a travel centre. 48 steps take you up separate staircases to the two platforms above, and both have lifts. The lifts came recently to an awkward site, so the one to the north-side platform had to be sited in a little alley, reached from the main road. But it's there, it's signed, and it does the job.

Worcester Foregate Plan Platform 1 has a cafe, there are waiting rooms, and most of the station is canopied for weather protection. Signs warn you that the two platforms are each bi-directional. Trains calling at Worcester Shrub Hill use one platform; those that don't will use the other. There is no official railway parking. Wheels: BW. (rev 2006)

Photo: view towards Hereford. The station buildings butt right up to the bridge over the street the station is named for - it's just visible beyond them.

Worcester Foregate at street level As the two-level arrangement was complex (ok - a pain!) to illustrate in a single sketch you have the unusual benefit of a second sketch to show the street level arrangement.
Click here for Worcester to Birmingham via Bromsgrove
Click here for Worcester to Hereford
Click here for Worcester to Oxford

Worcester Shrub Hill station looking south WORCESTER SHRUB HILL does actually sit on a hill, with a sweeping road approach from the grander days of horse and carriage. It still has a grand frontage, but the approaches are now full of parked cars (pay and display). A short distance down from the station is a free car park. Within the station, there are more platform faces than are now used for public services - i.e. the two long platform faces, plus a stub siding at the southern end of platform 2. A passenger overbridge links the two sides of the station, while wheelchairs can cross using the goods lift and bridge (with staff help). There is plenty of shelter.
Worcester Shrub Hill Plan Those who like early railway architecture will find a listed building on platform 2 in the shape of a small wall-tiled waiting room that looks like it was built in the 1840s. It is apparently scheduled for restoration, though the current financial situation may delay that. Wheels: BW. (rev 2007)

Shrub Hill retains a lot of the grandeur it had as a major station on the Paddington-Birmingham main line in steam days - most of it on platform 1 (right).

Click here for Worcester to Cheltenham and Bristol
Otherwise Shrub Hill has the same connections as Foregate Street above.
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