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Please note: the notes and sketches are intended only to give a general impression, and should not be relied upon for more than that. Dudley Mall accepts no liability for errors, but will correct any significant ones notified to us through or by post to Dudley Mall, 62 Gervase Drive, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 4AT.
Wheels: BN.  If you're on wheels, see our Easy Access page for explanation.

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New Street plan BIRMINGHAM NEW STREET has a full description page to itself here. When you've viewed it, click the Back button that you'll find at top or bottom of the page to return here. For simple convenience, however, this is our main plan. We've labelled the east and west ends, but trains can go in almost any direction from either end - and when under pressure, they do! Wheels: BM.

Water Orton Plan
Water Orton Plan
Water Orton still has a brick station building on the overbridge on Minworth Road, but the only part of it now in use is the passageway that leads to a covered staircase (30 steps, no lift or ramp) down to the single island platform. Facilities there comprise one bus shelter and a train timetable that boasts an astonishing range of destinations for such an apparently insignificant place. There are also non-stop trains that pass through at speed, so take care. There is no parking at the station itself, but there is free parking just round the corner in Birmingham Road and a variety of shops nearby. Wheels: BL. [revisited 2009]

Wilnecote Plan WILNECOTE is a basic station in a cutting below Watling Street (the B5404). It has bus shelters on both platforms, and the Derby-bound platform can be reached by ramp from the road. Unfortunately, the only access for the Birmingham platform is by a staircase of 30+ steps - hard work with prams, impossible with wheelchairs. There is no ticket office, and no parking unless you find it in a local street. Wheels: BN.

Tamworth Plan TAMWORTH is a two-level station, making it an exchange point. If you're new to it, check your platform carefully for the train you intend catching. There are two ways to get to Birmingham, according to which platform you are on. Tamworth's modern entrance foyer (platform 1) is on the lower level and has a ticket office plus seats for about 20 people. Its partner opposite can only boast a bus shelter. However, stairs and lifts to the upper platforms will take you to quite reasonable waiting rooms on both sides. The upper platforms act as overbridges for the lower ones, but if you are actually changing levels, make sure you take the right steps/lift to reach the platform you want. The station access is directly off the A513 at a roundabout that links Offa Drive to Saxon Drive. There is fee-based parking, but it was very full when we visited. Wheels: SR, BN.

Tamworth crosses the Stafford-Rugby line.
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Burton PhotoBurton Plan
Burton Upon Trent station entrance is on the B4516, on the overbridge over the line. This is where Station Street becomes Borough Street, about half a mile north west of the town's main shopping street. There is a station forecourt with limited parking, then a ticket office and newsagents at road height. The single island platform below is reachable by stairs or lift, with a separate easy-access route to the lift at platform level. The platform offers a waiting room and toilets. Wheels: BN. The 2007 photo looks north past the waiting room towards the shallow arches supporting the car park. The tower is part of the station offices on the upper level.

WILLINGTON - a view of the station (right) when revisited in 2010. One platform displayed a timetable - but not the other. Otherwise the station is much as described from our previous visit.

Willington lies just east of the A38 trunk road section between Burton and Derby, and closer still to the Trent & Mersey canal.
Willington station
Willington plan The station entrance is beside a pair of mini-roundabouts but the platforms are on an embankment about 38 steps above, with no easy-access ramp or other alternative. There is no ticket office, and whilst the slanted fencing indicates the station's Midland Railway origins, the only buildings now are two largish bus shelters without perchbars. Each platform has a set of 3 seats by an information board but there are no seats under cover. The platforms are linked by a ground-level underpass. There is railway parking a short distance along Swarkestone.
Wheels: BN.

Derby plan DERBY is the former headquarters of the old Midland Railway and its railway works, and is still a railway technical and manufacturing centre, hence the space the site occupies. The station facilities are modern or modernised, and it's a fairly pleasant station to use. The entrance includes the ticket office, a bookshop and snack facilities, and there is a refreshment room on platform 4/5/6 (not platform 2/3 as per the sketch, we're told). There are waiting rooms on two of the platforms, and access to everything is from an overhead passenger bridge. This is just the usual nuisance to prams but rules out wheelchairs. But wheelchairs can use the overbridge to get across the line, and there is a ramped service tunnel between platforms at the Birmingham end, which can be used by wheelchairs if railway staff assistance is sought. There is no free parking, and at the time of the visit in 2002, the main parking was 5 per day. Wheels: SD.

You can also change at Derby for the line to Stoke-on-Trent.
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Spondon plan SPONDON station is a short distance south of the A6005, with a level crossing right at the end of the platforms. It did once boast its own station building, but this has now been closed. That cannot have been entirely good news for the private house nearby, which has a large clock on its front wall - probably as a defence against would-be passengers forever knocking on the door to ask the time (one wonders if they now call to ask if the clock is right). The cutting back of the platform lengths implies that only short local trains now call. Despite this, there are still signs that the station attracts commuter traffic, though there is no railway parking. There are, however, easy-access wheelchair ramps, and shelters replace the old station's facilities.Wheels (Spondon): BN.

Long Eaton plan LONG EATON is a simple two-platform station on an embankment which strides across Tamworth Road and a complex road junction at one corner of Long Eaton's shopping area. The embankment means ramps, of course - moderately steep but with a strong wooden fence alongside, which might offer assistance in the climb. The platforms themselves are each decorated only with one open-front bus shelter with about six seats. The ticket office is at the foot of the ramp to the Nottingham platform, and nearby is a large car park (circa 120 cars) with disabled slots placed handily for the station and shopping. Wheels: BN.

Attenborough plan ATTENBOROUGH is just off the A6005, down near the lake. It is not unlike Spondon, though its station building is long gone, and it is now just a basic 2-platform station with bus shelters on each side, ramps down to the road (with a sprung gate), and the passenger overbridge which also gives access to each side of the line when the level crossing is closed. There is no ticket office, and so far as we could see, no railway parking offered. Wheels: BN.

Beeston plan BEESTON is just off the A6005 and bridged by a flyover, with a small filter off to the left that gives underpass access to the immediate station area. This has pay-and-display parking for about 20 cars, but more parking is available on the other side of the bridge. Beeston retains its original station of 1847 - still in good condition apart from the platform shelters needing a repaint (in August 2002). These are handsome in length, but history won't keep their open fronts warm in a winter wind. Access between platforms is by steps to the flyover. One other piece of history: a former owner of a house adjacent to the Nottingham platform informed us that the house has its own gate access to the platform, for which it pays an annual peppercorn rent of 50 pence! Wheels: BN.

Nottingham plan NOTTINGHAM is a traditional station with a lovely old covered forecourt from the days of horse and carriage, now translated into a taxi area and small short-term pickup and setdown area. There is level access to the entrance hall, which is pleasant, bright and fresh, with tickets and travel information, books and coffee. The entrance hall lies over the tracks, giving level access to the first passenger overbridge, which has lifts to all platforms. There are stairs to most platforms, but not platform 6, which looks somewhat like an afterthought. Obviously the lift will get you there - but if it's busy, take the steps to platform 1 and use the second overbridge. The main platforms have large overhanging canopies, refreshment services, and there is a waiting room on platform 4/5. Wheels: BN.

Nottingham also serves the Nottingham/Derby to Bedford line.

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