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Right: An Edinburgh Wynd by Louise Rayner, who had at least 20 of her paintings photographed circa 1890 - this one by "Silvester Parry Photo" (embossed in the bottom right corner). In the 1881 census, Parry was listed as having five assistants and a boy, suggesting a respectable size of business. He was based at Eccleston Ferry, 2-3 miles southeast of Chester on the River Dee.

Very few paintings have their dates recorded, and some are extremely vague as to the place depicted. If you have knowledge of even a single painting that will add place, date, and any other info (e.g. current location if there is no concern about it being known), please let us know via the email or postal address at the bottom of this screen. Thank you!

Most paintings listed below are known because their titles have been published, or prints are on sale in their local area, or the paintings are on the open market and get sold through auctions at intervals. However, others have gone into family and corporate hands (notably art galleries for the towns depicted), and may be missing from this list.

Below: Mono rendition of "St Werburgh Street, Chester" Louise Rayner 16th March 1896

Alphabetical for each artist, word by word.
Articles ('a', 'an', 'the', etc.) left in place but ignored for filing purposes.
Saint given in form found (St St. Saint) but all filed as 'Saint'.
Punctuation is erratic in sources, therefore ignored.
Plus our own filing errors!

@ = approximate, descriptive or added title; probably not the real one.
*2 = two of same title, probably the same painting.
(2) = two of same title, probably different paintings.
[Chester?] = very probably Chester, but not confirmed.

[before 1877] listed in Clayton, therefore extant by 1876.
[c.1852] = circa (approximately) 1852.
[RA 1852] = exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in the year given, probably within a year or two of painting.
, 1852 = title-date or exhibition (not RA) - probably painted in 1851 or 1852.

Title variation: Louise did try to differentiate multiple copies or versions of the same view with subtle alterations of the title wording, but this might not survive a seller's shortage of space or carelessness - and certainly not the more casual modern print publisher (some do care about accuracy - and some don't). Some quite well-known images still get careless modern labelling.

European sales: Some paintings have been sold in Europe, sometimes with the titles re-rendered in the local language. These have been returned to English where this was straightforward, but one or two have been left as they were found.

Paint used: Paintings are usually watercolour and/or gouache unless marked otherwise, but check for yourself if this is important.

Please remember: This listing makes no pretence of being a complete catalogue of anyone's work. They are just the titles that could be found in public listings of various kinds. We would welcome additions.

In a few cases below paintings are attributed to Samuel or Louise Rayner, but are not necessarily by them. A number of paintings are also in circulation described (honestly) as "after Louise Rayner". Those are not listed here. By the same rule, we omit paintings by Ann Rayner such as "Horse Fair, after Wouvermann" (1824), though we would note she was a very good imitator.

ANN RAYNER (engravings)  
Matlock Bath on black Ashford marble c.1830

Chatsworth on black Ashford marble c.1830
The Baptistery Canterbury
Banqueting Hall, Haddon Hall@
Baron's Chapel at Haddon Hall@
Bourges Cathedral [before 1867?]

Canterbury Baptistery
Cathedral in the Mosque at Cordoba
Chapel of the Virgin, Dieppe, 1866 #
Church of St Andre, Antwerp, 1861

Gothick Knight's Tomb, Herstmonceux
Monks returning from Mass
An Old Baronial Hall (oil)
The Old Bridge at Luzerne@
The Tomb, 1882 [Dacre monument at Herstmonceaux]
Untitled interior view of a (perhaps) Eastern European church

[# Listed as Fanny (family name) but at Frances's address]
The Abbey and Abbot's Barn, Tewkesbury, from the Mill, 1875
The Abbey Gateway, Chester, 1897
Advocates Close, Edinburgh
All Saints' church, from the Pavement, York [RA 1876]
All Saints' Church, Hastings
All Saints Pavement, York
Ancient close, Canongate, Edinburgh [RA 1867]
The Archbishops' Tombs, Canterbury Cathedral [RA 1855]
Assembly of Monks in Glasgow Crypt, 1861
At Lincoln
At the gates of Greenwich

Banqueting Hall, Haddon [RA 1860]
Banqueting Hall, Haddon Hall
The Bear and Billet, Lower Bridge Street, Chester
Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick, 1867 [possibly this below]
Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick [interior] (oil) [before 1877]
Beeley Church [in or by 1866]
The Belfry, Harbledown Church, Canterbury (2)
Belfry of Harbledown Church [in or by 1870]
Belton Church (sketch), 1876
Belfry, church of St. Nicholas, near Canterbury [RA 1860]
Belfry in the church of St. Nicholas, Harbledown [RA 1855]
Belfry in the church of St. Nicholas, Canterbury 1856
Belfry in the church of St. Nicholas, Harbledown, near Canterbury, 1862
The Bell Inn, or Market Place, Ely
Belton Church (sketch), 1876
Bishop John Pearson's Monument in the North Transept (1880s?)
Bishop Lloyd’s House, Chester, 1869
Bishop Lloyd’s House, Chester, 1874
Bishop Lloyd's House, Watergate, Chester, 1877
Bishop Lloyd's House, Watergate Street, Chester (1)
Bishop Lloyd's House, Watergate Street, Chester (2)
Bishop Lloyd's House, Watergate Street, Chester, 1912
Bishop Lloyd's Palace, Chester
Bishop Parson's Tomb, Chester Cathedral, 1869
Black Bull Inn [York]
Black Gate, Newcastle, 1865
The Black Gate, Newcastle [RA 1869]
Blackfriars Wynd, Edinburgh, 1869
Blossoms and decay, 1862
Bootham Bar, York [RA 1864]
Bootham Bar, York, 1866
Bootham Bar, York, 1887
Bootham, York, 1890

A Break from Divisions at Eton College
Bridge Street and Scotch Row, Chester, 1869
Bridge Street, Chester, 1863
Bridge Street, Chester@ (1) [before 1869]
Bridge Street, Chester (2) [1869-73]
Bridge Street, Chester (3), 1872
Bridge Street, Chester@ (4) [1873-79]
Bridge Street, Chester (5), 1875
Bridge Street, Chester (6) [1892-1903]
Bridge Street, Chester (7) [basket shop, 1892-1910]
Bridge Street, Chester, preparing for the Visit of the Prince of Wales, 1870
Bridge Street, Chester, with St. Peter's Church
Bridge Street looking towards Chester Cross, Chester
Bridge Street Row East, Chester [1878-1888]
Bridge Street, West Side, between Watergate Street
  and Commonhall St., Chester
Bridge Street, West Side, looking north@ [1860s]
Broad Street Bristol, 1860
The Brown Gallery, an interior (oil)
The Brown Gallery at Knole, 1864
Brown Gallery chairs, Knole (oil), by 1858?
The Brown Gallery, Knole (oil) [RA 1857]
The Brown Gallery, Knole (watercolour)
Brown's-Eye, Wells [RA 1864]
The Bull Ring, Ludlow, 1877
Burial Place of the St Clairs, Roslyn Chapel, 1861
A Busy Market Place [location unknown]
A Busy Street [catch-all title, various places]
Butcher Row, Shrewsbury, 1877
Butcher's Row, Shrewsbury, 1879
The Buttercross [Ludlow] c.1865
Butter Cross, Salisbury, 1882
Butter Cross, Winchester
The Butter Market at Ludlow (1860s?)
The Butter Market, Winchester [1872]

Cambridge: a busy street with the spire of the
  Catholic Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs
Candlemakers' Row, Edinburgh [by 1882]
The Canongate Tollbooth looking up the Royal Mile
  towards the Castle [Edinburgh]
The Canongate Tollbooth looking up the Royal Mile
  towards the Castle from Holyrood Palace
Canterbury Cathedral, 1860s? (*2)
The Cartoon Gallery, Knole [RA 1868]
The Castle from Candlemaker Row
Castle Street, Salisbury (1870)
Castle Street, Salisbury [RA 1881]
Castle Street Salisbury on Market Day, 1874
The Cathedral from Silver Street, Salisbury, 1859
A Cathedral Interior [Bruges, Belgium]
Cathedral Interior [Canterbury], 1868
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The Chapel of Edward the Confessor [shown Crystal Palace Exhibition, 1856]
Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Canterbury Cathedral [RA 1855]
Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Canterbury Cathedral, 1868
Chapel Street, Guildford c.1880
Chester [shows Watergate Street, looking towards Eastgate]
Chester: Bridge Street looking south [1869]
Chester Castle from the River Dee [after 1862]
Chester, Eastgate Street at the Cross showing St Peter's Church
Chester, Watergate Street from corner of Crook* Street
*not Croock Street, as you may find elsewhere
Children outside a Castle Gate
Children playing in Graveyard, Edinburgh Castle behind
Chippenham Market Day 1865
Chippenham Market Day (wrongly titled Market Day Ashbourne, Derbyshire)
Christ Church College Oxford, 1891
Christ Church Gateway, Canterbury, 1859
Christmas Steps, Bristol, 1863
The church of St. Nicholas, Harbledown, 1857
Church Street, Shrewsbury, 1884
The City of Durham, 1872
City Street@ [Northgate Chester, looking south c.1880-90]
The Cloister, Eton College, 1872
The Cloister, Eton College, 1886
The Close, The Town Gate, Salisbury, 1881
A Cobblestone Street
The Conduit, Lincoln 1881
Conway [towards castle, Aberconwy House at right] (1)
Conway [towards castle, Aberconwy House at right] (2) # attrib [study?]
A Court Yard # attrib [Schoner Brunnen fountain in Hauptplatz, Nuremberg]
The Cross - East Street [Chester] (1)
The Cross - East Street [Chester] (2)
The Cross, Winchester
The Crypt of Wells Cathedral, 1866

Dark Row, Eastgate, Chester
Dartmouth, Devon - sketch, 1867
Derby House [Stanley Palace]
The Derby Palace, Chester, 1869
The Derby Palace, Chester, 1892
Drury Court, London, 1873 - could be as next item
Drury Court, London [also see Staple Inn]
Drury Lane, London
Dudley Market Place, c.1870
Durham Cathedral from Framwellgate Bridge
Durham from below the Framwellgate Bridge, 1865
Durham - sketch, 1866

The East Gate at Warwick
The East Gate Warwick
East View of the City of Durham, 1867
Eastgate Row North, Chester
Eastgate Street at the Cross@, 1890s
Eastgate Street, Chester
Eastgate Street near the Cross@, 1890s
Edgar Inn, Shipgate Street, Chester, 1890s?
Edinburgh Castle from the Foot of the West Bow, 1863
Edinburgh city of dreams
Edinburgh Street Scene with Numerous Figures in a Courtyard
Edinburgh The Grassmarket
Edinburgh The Grassmarket, with Half Moon Battery in the distance.
An Edinburgh Wynd [Lawnmarket]
An elderly man on a flight of steps outside a castle
Ely Cathedral from The Green, 1883
End of a busy day [Watergate Street, Chester]
English Street Scene [i.e. Conduit, Lincoln]
Entrance to Henry the Seventh's Chapel, Westminster, 1853
Entrance to Jesus College, Cambridge
Entrance to St. John's College, Cambridge, 1888
Entrance to the Crypt of Wells cathedral, 1866
Eton College Chapel
Eton High Street
European Facades
Exterior view of the Eastern Tower of Flint Castle [1882?]

Fair at Chippenham [RA 1865]
Fair Day, South Petherton, Somersetshire [RA 1875]
The Falcon Cocoa House [Chester]
Figures [shows All Saints Pavement, York]
Figures at a Church Doorway
Figures by the Fireplace in Haddon Hall, Derbyshire
Figures by the Judgement Porch at Lincoln Cathedral
Figures by the Porch at Lincoln Cathedral
Figures by town gate with haycart and artist sketching [landgate, Rye] Figures in a Narrow Lane
Figures in an Edinburgh Courtyard [possibly a copy of Musicians at the gate]
Figures in Harp Lane, Ludlow
Figures outside the West Door of Chester Cathedral
Fireplace in the Spangled bedroom, Knole, 1868
Fish Street, Shrewsbury
Flint Castle, 1883
Flint Castle. View of the Eastern Tower from the courtyard [1882?]
Flower sellers in Bruges
Foot of the West Bow as rebuilt
Foot of the West Bow before alteration
Foot of the West Bow before alteration(2)
Foot of the West Bow, Edinburgh, 1887
Foregate Street, Chester, 1881
Foss Gate York
The Founder's Tomb, Canterbury Crypt, 1861
The Foxes - Ludlow castle Keep
Friars' Street, Warwick

Gamul House, Lower Bridge Street, Chester
Gates of Magdelene College, Cambridge [1880s?]
Gates of Magdelene College, Cambridge, with Magdelene Bridge beyond
Gloucester (1870s?)
God's Providence House, Watergate Street, Chester
  [before 1861]
God's Providence House, Chester [by 1882]
Goodramgate, York, 1880
The Gothic Room
Grantham Market Place
The Grass Market, Edinburgh, 1879
Grass Market, Edinburgh, 1886
Great Arched Gateway, Warwick Castle, 1892
Great St Mary's Church and Market Hill, Cambridge
Great St Mary's Church and Market Place, Cambridge
Greenwich Hospital, News from the Crimea, 1871
Greyfriars Churches Burying Ground

Haddon Hall Chapel [RA 1852]
Haddon Hall from the Terrace, 1864
Harbledown@ [early]
Harp Lane, Ludlow, 1878
Harvie's Almshouses, Duke Street, Chester [before c.1893]
Hastings Old Town
Hawarden Castle Entry, Lower Bridge Street
Head of the West Bow, Edinburgh, 1862
Head of the West Bow, Edinburgh, 1874
Head of the West Bow, Edinburgh, 1887
Head of West Bow, Edinburgh
Heriot's hospital from Greyfriars churchyard, Edinburgh
High Jubbergate, York, 1882
High Street, Dudley [probably 1870]
High Street, Eton [RA 1874]
The High Street from the West Bow, Edinburgh
High Street, Ludlow [RA 1877]
High Street, Oxford [before 1877]
High Street, Salisbury
High Street, Warwick, 1879
High Street, Windsor, 1881
Holywell Street, London [before 1877 - possibly below]
Holywell Street and Wych Street, London [RA 1871]
Horse Guards Parade
Horseguards, London
The house of John Knox, the Reformer, Edinburgh [RA 1862]
The house of John Knox, the Reformer, Edinburgh, 1863
The Household Cavalry in Peascod Street, Windsor
Houses in the West Bow

In Lady Betty Germaine’s Bedchamber, Knole. [before 1877]
In the Lofts, Knole, 1868]
Inhabitants of a busy Street
Interior at Haddon Hall
Interior of a Bedroom [before 1877]
Interior of Etchingham Church, Kent [RA 1854]
Interior of Haddon Chapel, Derbyshire (oil) [c.1852]
Interior of St George's chapel, Windsor
Interior of the Beauchamp Chapel, St. Mary's Warwick
The Iron gate, Derby, 1867
Irongate, Derby (1865)
Irongate, Derby [in or by 1866, possibly the one above]
Irongate, Derby (2) [c.1870?]

James I's bedroom, Knole [RA 1868]
James I's bedroom, Knole, 1869
James the First’s bedroom, Knole [before 1877 - could be the painting above]
John Knox's House, Edinburgh
John Knox's House, High Street, Edinburgh
John Knox's House, Royal Mile

The Keep of Flint Castle from the south west [1882?]
King Charles's Tower and the City Walls, Chester, from the Canal, 1870
King Charles's Tower, Chester
King's Chapel, Cambridge
Kings Parade, Cambridge
Kingswear, Dartmouth
Kingswear, Devon

Lady Betty Germaine's Bedchamber, Knole, 1868
Lady Looking out of the Window of Haddon Hall,
Land Gate at Rye, Kent [relatively early]
The Lawn market, Edinburgh, 1879
Laythorpe Postern and Bridge, York, 1877
Leith Harbour, 1864
Leycester's hospital, Warwick
Libberton Wynd, Edinburgh, 1870
Libberton's Wynd and John Dowie's Tavern to right

Lincoln Cathedral and City, Lincolnshire, from below Stonebow Gate, 1862
Lincoln Cathedral [by 1882]
Lincoln Cathedral from the South [RA 1862]
Lincoln Gate
A Little bit in Edinburgh [paired with Pepper Alley Row, below]
A Little bit of Queen's College, Cambridge, 1884
Long Gallery, Haddon Hall
Looking down Christmas Steps, Bristol, 1864
Looking towards the Garden, Roslyn Chapel, 1861
Looking towards Handbridge, Chester
Looking towards the South Aisle, Canterbury Cathedral, [RA 1853]
Looking up Steep Street, Bristol, 1864
Low Petergate, York, 1884
Low Petergate, York, 1891
Lower Bridge Street [by 1882]
Lower Bridge Street, Chester, 1869
Lower Bridge Street, Chester (2)
Lower Bridge Street, Chester (3)
Lower Bridge Street, looking north
Lower Bridge Street, looking south, Chester [before 1880]
Ludlow [Market Square, before 1865?]
Ludlow Buttercross, East Side@
Ludlow Castle, 1878
Ludlow Castle Keep

Market Cross, Grantham, 1868
Market Cross, Winchester, 1860
Market Cross, Winchester, 1882
Market Day Ashbourne, Derbyshire [Actually Chippenham]
Market Day, Chester [Lower Bridge Street]
Market Day, Chippenham (oil)
Market Day, Chippenham, 1864
Market Day, Lower Bridge Street, Chester
Market Hill and Kings College, Cambridge
Market in Lower Bridge Street@
Market Place, Beverley, 1881
Market Place, Beverley, 1884
Market Place, Beverley, Yorkshire
Market Place, Canterbury
Market Place [Chester], 1866
Market Place Chester, 1866
Market Place, Conway [RA 1870]
Market Place, Dinan, Brittany
Market Place, Dudley, 1866
The Market Place, Dunster [RA 1869]
Market Place Grantham, Lincolnshire
Market Place, Ludlow
Market Place [Selby]
Market Place, Selby, 1880
Market Place, Selby, 1884/5
Market scene at Chester, 1866
Market scene at Chippenham
Market Square, Ludlow [c.1865]
A Mediaeval Courtyard with children and other Figures
Mediaeval interior with solitary figure
Meeting with the Teacher
The Minster from Bootham Bar, York, 1867
Minster Street, Salisbury [in or by 1877]
Monk Bar Gate, York
Monk Bar, York, 1885
Monk Bar, York, 1887
Monks in Canterbury Crypt, 1867
The monuments of Archbishops Chicheley, Bourchier, and Sumner, in the north aisle of the choir, Canterbury Cathedral [RA 1858]
Mount Street [Wrexham]
Mount Street, and St. Giles Church, Wrexham, North Wales
Musicians at the gate from St John's Street to Canongate

Narrows with the Butter Cross beyond, Ludlow, Shropshire [c.1865?]
The Nave, Canterbury Cathedral, 1861
Nave of Canterbury Cathedral, with procession of Clergy, 1860
Newhaven, Edinburgh, 1881
Norman Doorway in the Cloister of the Cathedral, 1869
North Aisle and belfrey, church of St, Nicholas, Harbledown, 1857
North Aisle of the Choir, Canterbury Cathedral, showing the Chichele Monument, 1860
North Choir Aisle, Canterbury Cathedral, 1889
North Door of the Roslyn Chapel, 1861
North Entrance to the Cathedral, Rouen, 1863
North side of Eastgate Street, Chester [1860s]
North side of Watergate Street Row, Chester
Northgate Street and Northgate, Chester, 1870
Northgate Street, Chester, 1894
Northgate Street, Chester [by 1882]

Old Church near Canterbury (shown 1856)
The Old Conduit in the Market Place, Wells, 1860
Old Conway
The Old Edgar, Lower Bridge Street, Chester
Old Houses, Gloucester, 1859
Old Houses - Head of West Bow [Edinburgh]
Old Houses in Edinburgh, 1866
Old Houses on Elvet Bridge, Durham, 1865
Old Houses, Shrewsbury
Old Kitchen, Sussex [RA 1854]
Old Market Village, South Petherton, Somerset
Old Pulpit in the Church of St. Nicholas, Harbledown, 1857
The Old Town/Near the Grassmarket Edinburgh [pair?]
The Old Town Gate, Rye
Old Temple Bar, London
On the Walls, Chester, 1871
Oriel Oxford
Oriel Street, Oxford, 1889
Oxford [mis-titled - depicts York]

The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
The Pavement, York
Peas Hill, Union Street, Cambridge, 1889
Pepper Alley Row [paired with A Little bit in Edinburgh, above], 1869
Pepper Alley Row, Chester, 1875
Porch of Hinksey Church near Oxford, 1879
Porch of Lichfield Cathedral, 1864
Port of Leith, Edinburgh
Port Ucha, Conway, 1869
Poultry Cross, Salisbury 1870
Poultry Cross, Salisbury (2)
The Prentice Pillar
The Prentice Pillar, Roslyn Chapel, 1863
Preparing for Petermas fair, Peterborough [before 1877]

Queens Head Vaults [Foregate Street, not Northgate, Chester]

Reed's Close Edinburgh, 1868 [Reid's Close as below?]
Reid's Close, Canongate, Edinburgh
Rheims Cathedral, France
Roslin [N.B. Roslin has 3 spellings]
Roslin Chapel [interior] (oil) [before 1877]
Roslin Chapel - The last view painted on the spot previous to its restoration [RSBA 1866]
Roslin Chapel - The 'prentice pillar (oil) [probably 1870]
Rosslyn Chapel, 1862
The Royal Mile, Edinburgh
A Ruined Castle ['possibly Beaumaris' actually Flint]

St. Ann Street, Salisbury, c.1875
St. Clement's Church from Hill Street, Hastings, 1878
St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, [1873]
St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, [by or in 1877]
St. George’s Chapel, Windsor – exterior [before 1877]
St. Giles Church, Wrexham
St. Joseph's Chapel Glastonbury Abbey, 1866
St. Mary's Church from Church Street, Warwick
St. Mary's Conduit, Lincoln 1881
St. Michael's Church, Bridge Street, Chester, 1885
St. Michael's Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, 1885
St. Saviour's Pavement, York
St. Stephen's Gate, Chester [in or by 1877]
St. Stephen’s Gateway, Salisbury [before 1877]
St. Werburgh's Mount, St. Werburgh Street, Chester
St. Werburgh's Mount, St. Werburgh Street, Chester, 1873
St. Werburgh Street, Chester 16/3/1896
Salisbury c.1870
Salisbury High Street (1870-90)
Scene in Edinburgh [in or by 1866]
Selby Abbey
Selby Market Place
The Shambles, York, 1880
The Shambles, York, 1881
The Shambles, York [1886]
Shoemaker's Row, Chester [before 2/1894]
Shopping day [catch-all title, various places]
Shrewsbury House, Lower Bridge Street Chester [by 1882]
Silver Street, Salisbury
Smith Street, Warwick [before 1877]
Smollet's house, Edinburgh, 1867
The South Aisle, Westminster Abbey, 1859
South Petherton, Somerset, 1878
South Porch, Chester Cathedral, 1869
South Side of St Joseph's Chapel, Glastonbury Abbey, 1866
South side of Watergate Street, Chester
Southern end of Northgate Street, Chester@
Stanley Palace
Stanley Palace, at the Junction of Watergate and
  Nicholas Streets [Chester]
Stanley Palace, Chester, 1877
The Stanley Palace, Chester [RA 1885]
Staple Inn, Holborn/Drury Court London [pair]
Staples* Inn, London, 1873 [s* = an error?]
Stonegate, York, 1880
The Strand
Street Scene, Cambridge
Street scene in Chester
Street Scene with Figures
Street scenes in Edinburgh(1) should be Libberton's Wynd and John Dowie's Tavern to right
Street scenes in Edinburgh(2) should be Houses in the West Bow
The Street Urchins [probably Ludlow, 1865?]
Street View, Cheltenham, 1863
Street View, Chester
Street View, Salisbury, 1860
Street View, Salisbury, 1861
Street View, Salisbury, 1864
Street View with Old Gateway, Rye, 1876
Street View, Wrexham
Study of Furniture, Knole, 1868
Study of a Watermill (oil)

The Tabard Inn, Southwark, before the 1875 alterations, 1880
Talbot Yard
Temple Bar 1862
Temple Bar, 1871
The Temple Bar, London (1)
The Temple Bar, London (2)
The Temple Bar, London (oil)
Temple Bar from the Strand
The Terrace at Haddon Hall
The Terrace, Windsor Castle (1), 1882
The Terrace, Windsor Castle (2), 1882 [possibly different]
Thomas a Becket's Chapel, Canterbury, 1863
Tolsey Lane, Tewkesbury
The Tower and Gate House, Rye, 1866
The Town Hall, Northgate Street [after 1869]
Town Hall Square, Chester [after 1869]
Traitors Gate, York Minster
Trinity chapel, from the South aisle, Canterbury Cathedral [RA 1855]
Trinity College Cambridge, from The Avenue, 1883

The University Church, from the Market Place, Cambridge, 1883
Upper Bridge Street

Venice Grand Canal
The Vicar's Chapel, Wells, 1862
View along Eton street to Curfew Tower, Windsor Castle
View of a Village Street
A View of Bootham Bar, York
View of Bristol about 1850
A View of Cambridge c.1880 = Gates of Magdelene College
View of Eastgate Street, Chester in the 1870s
A View of Irongate, Derby, 1865
A View of St. Sampson's Square, York, 1879
A View of St. Sampson's Square, York [wrongly identified - shows Bootham Bar with barbican]
View of the City of Bristol, 1864
View of the half Moon Battery of Edinburgh Castle from Candlemaker Row
View of the ruins of Flint castle, 1882
View of Windsor
A view of Windsor Castle from Peascod Street
A view of York [?]
A view of York [Bootham Bar]
A view of York with figures and a horse and wagon [Monk Bar York]
Views in Chester [before 1877]
Views in Oxford [before 1877]

Waiting for the Queen, 1888
Walk in Front of Eton College, 1872
Walmgate, York
Walmgate Bar, York (1)
Walmgate Bar, York (2)
Walmgate Bar, York, 1880
Walmgate Bar York, 1886
Walmgate Bar York 1888
Warburton Chapel, St John's, Chester, 1869
Warrender's Close [Edinburgh]
Warriston's Close [Edinburgh]
Warwick - sketch, 1875
Water Tower from the Cop, Chester, 1871
The Water Conduit at St.Mary le Wigford, Lincoln 1901
Watergate Row North, Chester [1892-6]
Watergate Street by Bishops Lloyd's Palace@
Watergate Street and Holy Trinity Church
Watergate Street and Holy Trinity Church, Chester
Watergate Street and Trinity Church, Chester, 1870
Watergate Street, Chester [before 1877]
Watergate Street, Chester (2)
Watergate Street, Chester 1881
Watergate Street, Chester, a View of the South Side
Watergate Street, Chester, looking East, 1869
Watergate Street, Chester, looking West
Watergate Street, looking east c.1870
Watergate Street, looking towards Eastgate, Chester c.1870
Wells Cathedral from the Vicar's Chapel, 1864
Wells from Berryl Lane, 1864
Wells from the Bishop's Meadows, 1864
Wells from Tor Hill, 1864
West Bow Edinburgh, 1862
The West Bow, Edinburgh [1886]
West Door of Lichfield Cathedral [in or by 1866]
West Doorway, Chester Cathedral, 1874
West Entrance of Lincoln Cathedral, 1862
West Gateway, Chester Cathedral, 1869
West side of Bridge Street, Chester [1873-9]
West Street, Gloucester [RA 1876]
Wester Close, Newhaven [i.e. Edinburgh]
White Horse Close, Canongate, Edinburgh, 1867
Winchester's Market Cross
Windsor from Eton (sketch) 1875
Windsor from the Bridge, 1891
Within the City Walls, Chester
Wych Street
Wych Street, London [before 1877]
Wych Street, Strand, London [pair?]
Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury

York Minster [by 1870]
York Small Gate [Bootham Bar with barbican]
York street and minster@ - mistitled "Oxford"

The Abbey Church Tewkesbury, 1875
All Saints' Church, Hastings, 1866
Ancient Drinking Fountain in the Courtyard of Linlithgow Palace, 1876/7
Ancient Font in Bosham Church near Portsmouth, 1878
Ancient Well, Eastern Crypt York Minster@
Arlington Church, 1867 [possibly as below] Arlington Church Sussex, 1867
Armour on a Table in a Mediaeval Room
The Armourer's Gallery, Haddon Hall, 1890
[Two interiors of Knole Castle match the above description]
Asking Alms, Craiglie Castle, 1871
At the church door
At the Cathedral Porch, 1875

Barons Chapel, Haddon Hall
Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick, 1882
The Belfry, Harbledown Church, 1880
The Belfry, Harbledown Church, Canterbury
Belfry, Isfield Church, Sussex 1868
The Bishop's Chantry, York Minster, 1880
Blossoms and Decay, 1888
Bridge of Alloah, Banffshire, Seat of the Earl of Fife, 1868

Canopied tomb inside a church
Castle interior
Cathedral Interior with Figure
Chancel of Etchingham Church, 1866
Chancel of St Mary's Church, Eastbourne, 1865
The Chapel, Haddon Hall
Chepstow Castle, 1884
Children by a Font in a Gothic Church
Children by a Tomb
Children by Ruins
  [said to be Vale Craven Abbey, North Wales]
Church at Stratford-upon-Avon
A church interior
Church Interior with Figure
Church Interior With Wooden Pews Before A Stained Glass Window
Church Interiors
Conway Church, 1893
Conway Church, North Wales, 1869
Conway Church, North Wales [with figure]
A Corner in Isfield, Sussex, 1882
The Courtyard, Haddon Hall, 1888
Crypt of Kirkstall Abbey, Yorkshire, 1874
The Crypt, York Minster, 1882
The Crypt, York Minster, 1890

Dacre Monument, Herstmonceux
Deserted Church of St Etienne Rouen, 1871
English church interior
Entrance to Craiglie, Scotland, 1869
Entrance to Haddon Hall, 1873
Entrance to Ludlow Castle, 1882
Entrance to Roslyn Chapel, 1882
Entrance to the Keep Tower, Ludlow Castle, 1876/7
Entrance to the Roman Chapel, Ludlow Castle, 1878
Etchingham Church, 1889
Etchingham Church, Sussex, 1885

Figure in a Church Interior
A Figure Sweeping Steps Before a Country House
Figures in the Courtyard of a Ruined Castle
Figures on a Town Street
The Font at Bosham@
Founder's Tomb in Old Abbey, Kingston-on-Thames

The Gateway, Chepstow Castle, 1888
The Gateway, Ludlow Castle, 1893
Girl Feeding Doves in Mediaeval Courtyard [Edinburgh]
The Great Gate, Warwick Castle, 1891
Haddon Hall Chapel
Hall Interior
Harbledown Church, 1879
Harbledown Church, South Entrance, 1879
Holy Trinity Church, York, 1880
Holy Trinity Church, York, 1886
Holy Trinity Church, York, 1889
The Hundred Steps, Windsor Castle, 1887
Hurstmonceux Church, 1891
Hythe Church, Kent, 1875
Hythe Church, Kent, 1881

In the Courtyard, Warwick Castle, 1891
In the Crypt of Wells Cathedral, 1876/7
Inside of a castle [Knole Retainers Gallery]
Interior of a Cathedral
Interior of a church
Interior of a church (with vaulted tomb)

Interior of Conway Church with Gothic Carving
Interior of the Chapel at Haddon Hall, Derbyshire
Interior of the Duke of Devonshire Chapel, St Mary's Church, Eastbourne, 1865
Interior of Mrs Gilbert's Chapel, St Mary's Church, Eastbourne, 1865
Interior View of Hythe Church with Bearded Man at
  Door c.1900
Isfield Church, 1867
Isfield Church Sussex, 1870

A Jacobean Hall
A Jacobean Hall with knight's armour on a table in the foreground
Kenilworth Castle
Kingston Church, 1891
Kingston Church, 1895
Kirkstall Abbey, 1892
The Knight's Tryst
Linlithgow Palace, 1884
Ludlow Castle, 1881
A man by castle ruins [= Rochester Castle?]
Mediaeval Castle Interior
Mischievous children at play in a church (a pair of pictures)
Melrose Abbey, 1883
The monks retreat
Munden Church Norfolk, 1870
The North Cloister, Tintern Abbey, 1890
The old mill, pen & ink
Old Water Mill, Chester, 1864
Old Water Mill, North Wales, 1867

The Parish Church, Conway, before its Restoration (1874), 1876/7
Past and Present: Furness Abbey, 1881
Pont-y-pais Bridge, Bettys-y-coed, 1869
Powerscourt Waterfall, Ireland, 1869
Rochester Castle, 1886
Roslin Chapel, 1892
Roslin Chapel, South Entrance, 1873
Ruins of St John's Church Chester, 1870

St. Jacques
St John's Chester, 1881
St Mary's Hospital Chichester, 1876
St Peter's Well, York Minster, 1885
Sequah, 1891
A Shady Walk in Windsor Park, 1887
South Aisle, Holy Trinity Church, York, 1881
Staircase in Ludlow Castle, 1889
Steps to the Belfry, Harbledown Church, Canterbury
Still life, flowers in a vase@
Stratford Church
Stratford Church, Shakespeare's Grave, 1884
Stratford Church (with quotation from Milton), 1893
Study in Beauchamp Oratory, 1889
Study of the Interior of a Cathedral
Swallow Waterfall, Bettws-y-coed, North Wales, 1869
Swallow Waterfall, Bettws-y-coed, North Wales, 1871

The Terrace, Haddon Hall, 1878
Tewkesbury Abbey, 1879
Tewkesbury Abbey, 1881
Tewkesbury Abbey, 1883
Tewkesbury Abbey, 1889
Tintern Abbey, 1884
Tintern Abbey, 1892
Tomb of Princess Charlotte, St George's Chapel Windsor, 1871
Tomb of the Culpeppers, Ardingly Church Sussex, 1876/7
Tomb of the Founder, Ardingly Church, 1883
Tomb of the Founder, Kingston Church, 1892
Tomb of the Starved Monk, Tewkesbury Abbey, 1880
Tomb of the Starved Monk, Tewkesbury Abbey, 1894
Tombs of the Covenanters, Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh, pen & ink, 1887
Traitors Gate, York Minster
Tynemouth Priory, 1876/7

A View from My Window, 1889
Walled garden, Haddon Hall
Warwick Castle, 1881
Wells Cathedral, looking towards the Moat, 1873
The White Horse Inn Edinburgh, 1870
Windsor Castle (1), 1887
Windsor Castle (2), 1887
Windsor Castle - sketch, 1887
Worsted Church, Norfolk, 1879
York Minster, 1882

Children of Charles Padmore, Esq. [RA 1854]
Church interior, Conway, North Wales
Conway Church, N. Wales
Drawing-room Parlington, 1852

Eldest sons of the Hon. Lt. Col. Liddell. Painted by Command of H.R.H. the Duchess of Gloucester [RA 1852]
An Equestrian Portrait of an Officer in Her Majesty's
  Service, taken at St. Martin's-le-Grand [c.1855]

The Gleaners

The hurdy-gurdy boy/A little flower girl [pair]
The hurdy-gurdy man

Interiors of Knole [2, titles not known, c.1852]
An Italian mendicant [RA 1848]
Portrait of the Gloucester children, 1850
[the above is also known as Summer Pastimes]
The Savoyard
The Tambourine Woman (c.1851)
Weary little minstrel, 1850
The weary traveller
A young milkmaid

After the Storm [St Mary Cray church, Kent?] (c.1860-75)
Alter Torbogen mit Figuren, im Hintergrund Spitze
  einer Kathedrale 1866
An Old Ruin by a River
Farmyard scene (viewed through open barn doors) (gouache)
Holyrood Abbey@
Holyrood, Edinburgh, 1877
Hurstmonceaux Castle, 1871

Lime kiln near Abinger Hammer, Surrey, with two young children@, 1881
Ludlow Castle Keep, 1865?
Netley Mill near Shere
Orpington Priory@, 1891
Pantrys from Netley church porch (view through open church door - several paintings with minor variations)
Pantrys from Shere Church Porch
Powiscourt Waterfall, c.1877
Raglan Castle Monmouthshire, 1871
Rughen Castle 1878

Amongst the Corn, 1883
A Dead bird, 1866
Divided Attention [RA 1856]

Flower Girl, 1862
The Gleaner, 1862
Meditation, 1861
Miss Catty [RA 1854]

Portrait of Miss Montgomery, in Crayons
A Rest, 1867

Russian Balloon Seller - streets of Petrograd (1881)
Russian Boys playing Cards, 1868
Russian Cake Seller (1881?)
Russian Pedlar, 1867
Russian Tin-man, 1884

Selling Fish, 1885
Signora Baccelli, after Gainsborough (copy), 1868
A sister artist [RA 1858]
A Wandering Russian Pole - sketch, 1866
'Whom love first touched with others' woe', 1866

The Abbot's blessing [RA 1858]
The Abbot's Visit 1874
All Saints' (interior), Derby 1848 (lithograph)
Amy Robsart's tower, Kenilworth [RA 1858]
The Armourer 1860
The Armourer's Assistant
The Armoury at Naworth Castle
Artist & spectator within a ruin 1876 (Lindisfarne)
The Barons Chapel, Haddon Hall
Bath Abbey: details of heraldic carving (pencil c.1824)
Bath Abbey: details of carving (pencil c.1824)
Bath Abbey: details from the west front (pencil c.1824)
Bath Abbey: details of the west front (pencil c.1824)
Bath Abbey: details of Prior Byrde's Chantry (pencil c.1824)
Bath Abbey: details of the west front and Prior Byrde's Chantry (pencil c.1824)
Bath Abbey: studies of windows (pencil c.1824)
Battle Scene on the Bridge Beside a Castle
Battling on the bridge
The Beauchamp chapel, Warwick [RA 1858]

A Chapel Scene 1876
Church Interior (1)
Church interior (2)
A Church Interior (3) 1863
A Church Interior (4) # attrib
A Church Interior with Font, Pulpit and Screen
Church interiors
Clergy in a cathedral interior
Couple sitting playing chess in a drawing room
The Crypt at Wells Cathedral (1)
The Crypt, Rhum's Cathedral
The Crypt, Wells Cathedral (2?)
Crypt in Cathedral Interior 1862
Derby Mechanics Institute Exhibition 1839 (lithograph)
Derby Mechanics Institute Exhibition 1839 (the same, lithograph - coloured)

Ecclesiastical interior with monks reading
Edward the Confessor's chapel, Westminster Abbey. [RA 1841]
Engelsk kirkeinterior, solen skiner gennem de
  blyindfattede ruder
English Church interior
Entering the Chapel 1875

The Fallen Knight
The Fallen Tower at Heidelberg Castle, with monks in the foreground (1846) painted for Prince Albert
The fallen tower of Heidelberg
Figure ascending a staircase
Figures in the loggia of a continental building 1860 # attrib
Fragment of Malmsbury Abbey church, west front [RA 1822] # given as J. Rayner, but see Malmesbury below. Just coincidence?

Greek Orthodox priests at a service in a church
The Gallery over the Hall, Knole, Kent

Haddon Hall Courtyard # attrib
Haddon Hall, Derbyshire
Haddon Hall interior (chapel)

Haddon Hall North entrance
Haddon Hall with Figures
Herstmonceux castle moat and gateway@

In the armoury, 1858
The Installation of an Abbot
Interior, Kingston church [RA 1859]
Interior of a bedroom [coloured lithograph]
Interior of a drawing room in a town house
The interior of a monastery
Interior of a monastery, with two monks in the foreground, 1846, bought by Prince Albert
Interior of Knole Castle, Kent, 1858
Interior of the Baron's Chapel, Haddon Hall
Interior of the Beauchamp Chapel, St. Mary's, Warwick
Interior of the Chapel, Haddon Hall
Interior of Westminster Abbey (1)[RA 1827]
Interior of Westminster Abbey (2)[RA 1827]
Kingston Church, 1864
The Knight’s Lodge@ [= Banqueting Hall, Haddon]
The Lady Chapel, Westminster Abbey [RA 1848]
The Long Gallery, Hever Castle 1845

Malmsbury Abbey, Wiltshire [RA 1821]
A Mediaeval interior
Melrose Abbey
Moathouse near Canterbury
The Monks cell, Howorth(?) Castle
Monks in a Cathedral Interior
The Monks repast
A Monk's study
The Monastery refectory
Monks Reading books beside a Window in a
  Mediaeval Interior

The Old Guard Room at Knole
Old House in Whitehorse Close, Canongate, Edinburgh, 1846 bought by Prince Albert; The Oratory, Naworth Castle, Cumberland, 1857
Peasant girl and children gathering water at a fountain 1857
Picture gallery at Narworth Castle [RA 1864]
The prior's room, Bradenstake Priory [RA 1858]
The Refectory [RA 1858]
The Refectory [RA 1859]
Rouen Cathedral, from the Flower Market [RA 1858]
Rouen Cathedral, view of the west front [RA 1841]
St John's Church, Derby, about 1838
St. Peter's Church, Derby
Study of Salisbury Cathedral [RA 1824]

The Terrace, Haddon Hall
The Terrace steps, Haddon Hall (sepia)
The Tomb in the crypt of Arundel Castle
View of Chatsworth from the south-west
View of Chatsworth from the west
Wash Day 1859
The Watermill 1846
Wells Cathedral [RA 1857]
Wells Cathedral, view of the Lady Chapel [RA 1826]
West front of Rouen Cathedral [RA 1828]
The West Porch, Lichfield Cathedral
White Horse Yard, Edinburgh [1870s]

Samuel Rayner's Lithographs and published books included:
Rayner's Sketches of Derbyshire Scenery
Lithographed by Harding. Part 1. Published by S. Rayner, Museum Parade, Matlock Bath, 1st August 1830.

Rayner's Illustrations of Derbyshire Scenery. Volume 1.
Published by J. Vallance, Centre Museum, Matlock Bath, and S. Rayner, 11 Blandford Street, London. (c1830)

Rayner's Illustrations of Chatsworth, in 1831
S. Rayner, 11 Blandford Street, Portman Square, London.

The History and Antiquities of Haddon Hall
Illustrated by 32 highly finished drawings; with an account of the Hall in its present state. Published by Robert Moseley, Derby, 1836.

The History, Antiquities, and Topography of the Town of Derby and its Environs
Illustrated by lithographic drawings beautifully printed in tints. Lithographic Printing Office, 17 Friar Gate, Derby. 1838.
(There were to have been 24 parts with 50 plates, but only three parts were issued with 8 plates.)

The above books are the work of Samuel Rayner. However the British Library has only "minimal" records for these books, and the authorship has become confused with Simeon Rayner, who wrote a History of Pudsey, but had nothing to do with Samuel's books. Unfortunately, this confusion has been carried through into auctions of the books, so they may be mis-described.

There are Samuel Rayner lithographs of Alton Abbey [i.e. Alton Towers], Dovedale, Ilam Hall and Wootton Lodge in Staffordshire Record Office. They can be viewed on the web at, entering 'Rayner' in the search box, and also trying the occasional misspelling, 'Raynor'.

The paintings noted in the list above as bought by Prince Albert were identified as such by this volume: "The Victorian Watercolours and Drawings in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen" by Delia Miller, published by Philip Wilson, London 1995 (2vols)
Harry Drummond, March 2014.

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Louise in the South and South West - Oxford... Chippenham... Salisbury
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Louise in Southern Scotland - Roslin (we have no other Scottish paintings at present)
Louise Abroad - Rheims... Venice... and possibly Bruges
In preparation: - The Rayners at Windsor

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We would gratefully receive any information or corrections that will help us to fill the gaps and resolve unproved links - for example confirmation of dates of birth, death, etc., and details of other addresses the family lived at (and roughly when). Images of any of the family's paintings would also be very welcome. Thank you!

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