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Above: Louise Rayner took the practical view that she was selling a commodity, and when it was gone, it was gone. She did, however, have at least twenty of her paintings photographed - Edinburgh being one, and this view of a street market in Lower Bridge Street Chester being another. The photographs were taken (we believe) in the early 1870s through to the 1890s, and the sea of humanity reminds us of why her work was so popular at the time - and why it is so valuable for historians today.

Although Louise painted towns across Britain and in some parts of the Continent, she is associated with Chester more than any other town - for the simple reasons that it was rich with appealing subjects and she lived there for many years teaching art to others (along with her sister Margaret in latter years). Grosvenor Museum in Chester has a collection in excess of 30 different views painted by Louise and has generously given us access to many of them for reproduction here. Those at the Museum (which runs exhibitions of them at intervals) are mostly available as prints, and the pictures used here are marked Chester Collection in case you want to obtain prints. However, the following pages also include paintings held elsewhere, and prints for them will only be available if the owners make them so.

The map alongside, supplied but not created by Andy King, is a very simple, quick guide to central Chester and the arrangement of our pages, as listed below. Most of the paintings record the 4 directions from the central cross, which can be reached from each other by the links on each page. Several streets have no known paintings - suggesting that they were not artistically interesting in Louise's time. We have our own new map on the way, and apologise for our previously wrong credit for this one.

Chester North to South:
Bridge Street
Lower Bridge Street and the Prison

Chester East to West:
Foregate to The Cross
Watergate Street

Several of the Chester images on these pages appear through the co-operation and courtesy of the Grosvenor Museum, Chester, for which we thank them.

DudleyMall pages about Louise:

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Louise in Northern England - York... Selby... Beverley... Durham
Louise in Eastern England - Lincoln... Derby... Cambridge
Louise in London and the South East - London... Tunbridge Wells... Hastings
Louise in Wales and the west Midlands - Conway... Ludlow... Gloucester
Louise in the South and South West - Oxford... Chippenham... Salisbury
Louise in Scotland - Edinburgh
Louise in Southern Scotland - Roslin (we have no other Scottish paintings at present)
Louise Abroad - Rheims... Venice... Bruges... and probably Venice
Rayner Paintings - The main list of paintings by Louise and other family members
In preparation: - The Rayners at Windsor

Harry Drummond, January 2015.

Please note: we claim no art expertise, and in no way do we offer provenance for any paintings. What you see here was compiled out of interest in Louise Rayner's paintings and those by her family, but is based on sometimes very fragmentary evidence. It is inevitable that there will be errors, though we do correct these when we learn of them.

We would gratefully receive any information or corrections that will help us to fill the gaps and resolve unproved links - for example confirmation of dates of birth, death, etc., and details of other addresses the family lived at (and roughly when). Images of any of the family's paintings are also very welcome. And we'd like to thank the many people around the world who have already contributed - you've helped to make these pages as good as they are. Thank you!

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